Yakin Sedap


Transform everyday meals into savory favorites with a little help and inspiration from Yakin Sedap! Discover our range of delicious products below.

Dipping Sauces

YAKIN is synonymous with fine sauces for dipping and seasoning. We manufacture wide range of sauces, chilli sauce, garlic chilli sauce, thai chilli sauce, Chicken Rice Chilli sauce, Sweet Thai Chilli sauce, sweet and sour sauce, fresh chilli sauce, extra hot chilli sauce, tomato sauce and plum sauce.

Cooking and seasoning sauce

Beside on sauces, we produce different kinds of chilli paste for cooking in different industry for instance, centre kitchen for fast food chain stores, airline industry, and caterers. We specialise in Chilli Sambal paste, curry paste, chilli boh, chilli giling, Nanyo paste, Nasi Lemak Sambal Paste, Paprik Sambal Paste, Tom Yam Paste, Satay Sauce,

Western sauces

With the increasing popularity and demand of the market ,we had stepped up to extend our production to Pasta sauce/ Spaghetti Sauce, Carbonara sauce, oriental BBQ, Western BBQ sauce, Honey mustard sauce, Teriyaki sauce, Marmite sauce, Hoisin Sauce, Black pepper sauce.

Soy sauce

We use natural fermented process to produce different types of GMO free soy sauce to cater different types of market segment. For Muslim society, we do have Sweet Soy Sauce, Salty Soy sauce, HVP sauce and fried noodles sauce( perencah char koey teow), salted blended beans(Taucu).  As for Chinese community, we have Light soy sauce and Thick soy sauce, sweet sauce, salted beans, and hot chilli salted beans sauce.

Oyster Flavoured Sauce and Artificial Vinegar

In addition on sauce, we also manufacture Fried Onion and repacking of selected sea salt like refine salt, iodine salt and rock salt. Our salts are carefully selected and filtered, and hence our salts are pure white and hygiene, and also awarded of Malaysia Jakim Halal cerification. 

We also marinate Pickle for Sandwiches purposes consumed in airlines.